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At Cyphare, we are using those technologies for development that are tried and tested. Our proven technologies handle dynamic content and database, helps to encrypt your data, reduced the server loading time, provide high performance and boost the speed of your app, stores files of any size easily without complicating your stack and much more.

Developing the right website or app for your start-up can be challenging. You need to find a unique voice that stands out without sounding too generic. That’s why our experts take responsibility for the front-end and back-end of your App and Web. Our experts use React.js when it comes to the visual aspect as it is an open-source JavaScript library for building User Interfaces (UI).

Our developer builds the back-end of the app or web (using server-side code like PHP, Python, Flutter with Dart) that connects with a database (using MySQL, MongoDB, Appache Cassandra). We use Firebase and Angular as a platform for developing your apps and web. To power the application that have real time complex data structures, our expert use search and analytic engine i.e., Elasticsearch. Through such implication of technologies we’ll be able to deliver you the refined product

Canada: +14382283319

India: +919490633344


Cyphare Intelligence Private Limited

Adithya Complex, 31-8-3/2, 1st, Duvvada Rd, Kurmannapalem, Visakhapatnam


9423-1933 Quebec Inc

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